The One Time When We Went to the Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

‘Tis time to speak of the not-so-unspoken. The plant with the seeds everyone wants to get a hold of. A bud by any other name would smell as dank. The female who’s fragrance begs to be recognized. You burn her and she leaves you stunned. Her smokin’ body you can’t help but want to hold. You won’t be able to resist Mary Jane. You might forget some things but never her name.

Marijuana has been a smokin’ topic lately especially since the legalization happened in my state of Colorado.

I refrained from using a cutesy title. I went “Friends”* for this bad boy.
*This is a reference to Friends, you should know this.

My reasons for being so blunt (teehee) can only be so for the sake of blowing down the wall the dank smell is coming from. I could make up a title like, Madison and the Green Monster or Miles High in the Mile High City but why should I? Marijuana is finally being treated like it should. Since my state government chooses not to hide marijuana’s benefits, neither should I.

I laugh when Colbert or South Park poke fun at the mile highness that is the beautiful state of Colorado. Colorful Colorado’s spectrum is a bit more green. However, I love that the state I live in is a pioneer for the legalization of marijuana and relinquished this plant from it’s bad reputation (I mean have you seen Reefer Madness?).

I think most people reckon every street in Colorado has a recreational shop and every resident is high as a kite. I want to straighten this joint out right now.

Every county in Colorado has a choice to either have recreational or medical shops or not. Every employer still has the right to drug test employees. Every government job requires one must undergo a drug screening.

For those counties with recreational shops, they have been budding up everywhere since the beginning of the year. I hadn’t had the chance to roll into one until last week. I feel comfortable admitting my trip to the rec shop because I have the legal right to purchase, possess, smoke, and grow the good stuff.

I am always questioned about the status of Colorado’s most famous plant whenever I meet an outsider. Unlike what most of the country’s population thinks about Colorado residents, I am not keeping a heavy pulse on the green revolution. I don’t know the names of the best strains. I don’t know the winners of the Cannibus Cup. I just know I can go to my local recreational shop and purchase that good purple stuff or ‘purp’ as the cool kids say.

I didn’t know what to expect walking into the shop. I never had a medical marijuana card so I never had even set foot in a dispensary before. I was a bit surprised at the official, business-like air of the place.

After showing my ID (you have to be at least 21), I was ushered to a waiting room which reminded me of nothing more than a doctor’s office. After a few minutes, we were told we could enter the small shop. Set up in large, air tight, glass jars, different strains were displayed on the back wall.

Our customer service associate (aka the dude that knew a lot about weed), asked us about our preferences as he opened a few jars, insinuating a whiff. He admitted most of the customers that enter his store are tourists.

The prices in the dispensary were nearly 5 times that of the street. Did we care? No. You know why? Because we were making history by simply experiencing the business that is legal recreational marijuana. Because we were supporting our state’s decision behind thus legalization. Because we felt good about purchasing an item so heavily taxed for all the right reasons.

You can call me a hippie, stoner, pothead, green fiend, or reefer but I am not one of these stereotypes. I am simply a citizen of Colorado experiencing the progress and long awaited decriminalization of one of Earth’s natural beings.

photo 2(2)

photo 1(2)

photo 3(1)

This dispensary is located in Denver, Colorado.Β 









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